July 2021


Bryan Holtzman; Kate Ackerman

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SSE #238

Alannah KA McKay PhD, Marc Sim PhD, Peter Peeling PhD

June 2023

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Supplements

SSE #213

SSE #212

Peter Ritz MS, RD, CSSD; Michelle Rockwell Ph.D., RD, CSSD

March 2021

Topics: Training & Performance, Supplements, Recovery, Protein, Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #208

Trent Stellingwerff, PhD

August 2020

Topics: Supplements

SSE #195

SSE #191

SSE #190

Jonathan M. Oliver, PhD.; Anthony J. Anzalone, M.S.

February 2019

Topics: Athlete Health, Supplements

SSE #137

SSE #130

James P. Morton

June 2014

Topics: Supplements

SSE #110

Dietary Nitrate: The New Magic Bullet?

Nitric oxide (NO) is an important physiological signaling molecule that can modulate skeletal muscle function through its role in the regulation of blood flow, muscle contractility, glucose and calcium homeostasis, and mitochondrial respiration and biogenesis.

Andrew M. Jones, PhD

January 2013

Topics: Training & Performance, Supplements


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