July 2021


Bryan Holtzman; Kate Ackerman

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SSE #243

Amelia J. Carr, Ph.D, Alannah K.A. McKay, Ph.D, Louise M. Burke, Ph.D, Ella S. Smith, MSc, Charles S. Urwin, Ph.D, Lilia Convit, BSc, William T. Jardine, BSc, Monica Kelly, BSc, Bryan Saunders, Ph.D

October 2023

Topics: Supplements, Training & Performance, Sports Nutrition

SSE #241

Ida Heikura Ph.D, Abby McIntyre, BSc & Emily Kraus, MD

August 2023

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Body Composition, Athlete Health

SSE #240

SSE #239

SSE #238

Alannah KA McKay PhD, Marc Sim PhD, Peter Peeling PhD

June 2023

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Supplements

SSE #230

Marcus T. O’Brien, Msc, Orla O’Sullivan, PhD, Marcus J. Claesson, PhD, Paul D. Cotter, PhD

September 2022

Topics: Athlete Health, Sports Nutrition

SSE #225

SSE #224

Sara Y. Oikawa, PhD, Luc. J. C. van Loon, PhD, Tristin. D. Brisbois, PhD, Ian Rollo, PhD

April 2022

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #223

Lindsay B. Baker, PhD; Colin D. Rehm, PhD, MPH; and Michelle A. King, PhD

March 2022

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #221

Caoileann H. Murphy and Chris McGlory

December 2021

Topics: Sports Nutrition


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