July 2021


Bryan Holtzman; Kate Ackerman

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SSE #245

Eric C. Freese, MS, PhD, Bridget C. Sopeña, MS and Anthony S. Wolfe, MS

December 2023

Topics: Recovery, Training & Performance, Sport Specific, Athlete Health

SSE #241

Ida Heikura Ph.D, Abby McIntyre, BSc & Emily Kraus, MD

August 2023

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Body Composition, Athlete Health

SSE #240

SSE #239

SSE #237

Lindsay B. Baker, PhD, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Valhalla, NY

May 2023

Topics: Athlete Health, Hydration & Thermoregulation

SSE #235

Kirsty Elliott-Sale, PhD, Institute of Sport, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

May 2023

Topics: Athlete Health

SSE #233

Kari A. Lambing, PhD & Amy M. Bender, PhD

December 2022

Topics: Sleep, Athlete Health

SSE #230

Marcus T. O’Brien, Msc, Orla O’Sullivan, PhD, Marcus J. Claesson, PhD, Paul D. Cotter, PhD

September 2022

Topics: Athlete Health, Sports Nutrition

SSE #226

Lindsay B. Baker, PhD, Megan D. Engel, PhD, and Anthony S. Wolfe, MS

July 2022

Topics: Athlete Health, Training & Performance

SSE #225

SSE #224

Sara Y. Oikawa, PhD, Luc. J. C. van Loon, PhD, Tristin. D. Brisbois, PhD, Ian Rollo, PhD

April 2022

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #223

Lindsay B. Baker, PhD; Colin D. Rehm, PhD, MPH; and Michelle A. King, PhD

March 2022

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #218

Jamie F. Burr, Christian P. Cheung

September 2021

Topics: CBD, Training & Performance, Athlete Health


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