January 2017


Lindsay B. Baker, PhD

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SSE #206

Rebecca K. Randell, PhD; Lawrence L. Spriet, PhD

July 2020

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #204

Charles R Pedlar PhD FBASES, Prof John Newell PhD, Nathan A Lewis PhD

June 2020

Topics: Athlete Health, Body Composition, Training & Performance

SSE #201

Craig Sale and Kirsty Jayne Elliott-Sale

January 2020

Topics: Athlete Health, Sports Nutrition

SSE #192

Yasuki Sekiguchi; Luke N. Belval; Rebecca L. Stearns; Douglas J. Casa; Yuri Hosokawa

May 2019

Topics: Training & Performance, Hydration & Thermoregulation, Athlete Health

SSE #191

SSE #190

Jonathan M. Oliver, PhD.; Anthony J. Anzalone, M.S.

February 2019

Topics: Athlete Health, Supplements

SSE #179

Nicholas P. West, Candice Colbey, Jelena Vider, Amanda J Cox

February 2018

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #178

Asker Jeukendrup, PhD

January 2018

Topics: Athlete Health

SSE #177

Melinda M. Manore Ph.D., RD, FACSM

January 2018

Topics: Body Composition, Athlete Health

SSE #176

SSE #175

Melinda M. Manore PhD, RD, CSSD, FACSM

December 2017

Topics: Athlete Health


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