July 2021


Bryan Holtzman; Kate Ackerman

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SSE #250

Marco Altini, PhD

April 2024

Topics: Technology, Sleep, Recovery, Athlete Health

SSE #248

James R. Merritt, MA, Jon-Kyle Davis, PhD, Lisa E. Heaton, MS, and J. Matthew Hinkley, PhD

March 2024

Topics: Recovery, Hydration & Thermoregulation

SSE #245

Eric C. Freese, MS, PhD, Bridget C. Sopeña, MS and Anthony S. Wolfe, MS

December 2023

Topics: Recovery, Training & Performance, Sport Specific, Athlete Health

SSE #213

SSE #212

Peter Ritz MS, RD, CSSD; Michelle Rockwell Ph.D., RD, CSSD

March 2021

Topics: Training & Performance, Supplements, Recovery, Protein, Sports Nutrition, Athlete Health

SSE #195

SSE #167

Shona L. Halson, PhD

July 2017

Topics: Sleep, Recovery, Athlete Health

SSE #144

Keith Baar and Lisa E. Heaton

April 2015

Topics: Sport Specific, Recovery

SSE #135

Shona L. Halson

October 2014

Topics: Athlete Health, Recovery

SSE #129


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