Sports Science Exchange

SSE #161: Sweat Testing Methodology in the Field: Challenges and Best Practices

Lindsay B. Baker, PhD

SSE #160: Dietary Protein to Support Active Aging

Luc J.C. van Loon, PhD

SSE #159: Protein and Exercise in Weight Loss: Considerations for Athletes

Stuart M. Phillips, PhD

SSE #158 Hydration and Thermal Strain in Youth Sports: Responses and Recommendations to Minimize Clinical Risk and Optimize Performance in the Heat

Michael F. Bergeron, PhD

SSE #157 Tyrosine Supplementation: Can This Amino Acid Boost Brain Dopamine and Improve Physical and Mental Performance?

Phil Watson, PhD

SSE #156 Dietary Nitric Oxide Precursors and Exercise Performance

Andrew M. Jones, PhD

SSE #155 Metabolic Factors In Fatigue

Mark Hargreaves, PhD, FACSM

SSE #154 High-Intensity Interval Training and the Impact of Diet

Martin J. Gibala

SSE #153 Heat Acclimatization to Improve Athletic Performance in Warm-Hot Environments

Michael N. Sawka, Julien D. Périard, Sébastien Racinais

SSE #152 Hydration and Aerobic Performance: Impact of Environment

Michael N. Sawka, Samuel N. Cheuvront, and Robert W. Kenefick

SSE #151 Effects of Exercise on Immune Function

Michael Gleeson

SSE #150 Dietary Assessment Methods For the Athlete: Pros and Cons of Different Methods

Louise M. Burke

SSE #149 Nutrition and Neurogenesis

Romain Meeusen

SSE #148 The Importance of Vitamin D for Athletes

Enette Larson-Meyer

SSE #147 Vitamin D Measurement & Supplementation: What, When, Why & How?

Graeme L. Close

SSE #146 Fueling a Football Team

Jacqueline R. Berning

SSE #145 Football Player Body Composition: Importance of Monitoring for Performance and Health

Roberta Anding and Jonathan M. Oliver

SSE #144 In-Season Recovery Nutrition for American Football

Keith Baar and Lisa E. Heaton

SSE #143 Physiological Demands of American Football

Jay R. Hoffman

SSE #142 Training and Nutrition to prevent soft tissue injuries and accelerate return to play

Keith Baar

All Sports Science Exchange articles were funded by GSSI; each article is a review of specialist peer reviewed and published research work, some of which was either funded and/or conducted by GSSI.