January 2017


Lindsay B. Baker, PhD

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SSE #140

Clyde Williams and Ian Rollo

February 2015

Topics: Carbohydrate, Training & Performance

SSE #118

Asker E. Jeukendrup, Ian Rollo and James M. Carter

December 2013

Topics: Carbohydrate

SSE #108

Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates and Their Benefits

During moderate intensity exercise carbohydrate and fat are the two important fuels and their relative contribution is dependent on a number of factors including the pre-exercise carbohydrate stores, the exercise intensity and duration and the training status of the subject (Jeukendrup, 2003).

Asker E. Jeukendrup, PhD

January 2013

Topics: Carbohydrate

SSE #106

SSE #79

Dietary Carbohydrate & Performance of Brief, Intense Exercise

How beneficial is dietary carbohydrate when your sport consists of short repeated bursts of high power? Studies examining resistance exercise, single and repeated sprints, and the role of carbohydrate as a fuel are contained in this latest publication. The supplement includes a formula to calculate your personal carbohydrate needs, instructions for analyzing your own diet, and a table illustrating the carbohydrate content of common foods.

Janet Walberg-Rankin, Ph.D.

August 2006

Topics: Carbohydrate, Training & Performance

SSE #61

Carbohydrates, Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Endurance: The Central Fatigue Hypothesis

The central fatigue hypothesis suggests that increased brain serotonin (5-HT) can cause a deterioration in sport and exercise performance. Whether branched-chain amino acid supplementation can effect performance remains uncertain.

J. Mark Davis, Ph.D.

June 2006

Topics: Carbohydrate, Supplements

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