November 2016


Davis JK, Baker LB, Barnes K, Ungaro C, Stofan J.

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Exercise intensity effects on total sweat electrolyte losses and regional vs. whole-body sweat [Na+], [Cl-], and [K+]

Baker LB, De Chavez PJD, Ungaro CT, Sopeña BC, Nuccio RP, Reimel AJ, Barnes KA

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

February 2019

Narrative Review of Hydration and Selected Health Outcomes in the General Population

Liska D, Mah Eunice, Brisbois T, Barrios PL, Baker LB, Spriet LL

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

January 2019

Pre-sleep dietary protein-derived amino acids are incorporated in myofibrillar protein during post-exercise overnight recovery.

Trommelen J, Kouw IWK, Holwerda AM, Snijders T, Halson SL, Rollo I, Verdijk LB, van Loon LJC.

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Recovery, Protein

May 2018

Skin-interfaced systems for sweat collection and analytics

Choi J, Ghaffari R, Baker LB, Rogers JA

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

February 2018

Trapped sweat in basketball uniforms and the effect on sweat loss estimates

Baker LB, Reimel AJ, Sopeña BC, Barnes KA, Nuccio RP, De Chavez PJD, Stofan JR, Carter JM

Open Access

Selected in-season nutritional strategies to enhance recovery for team sport athletes: a practical overview.

Heaton LE, Davis JK, Rawson ES, Nuccio RP, Witard OC, Stein KW, Baar K, Carter JM, Baker LB.

Open Access

Topics: Sports Nutrition

July 2017

Influence of dietary nitrate supplementation on physiological and muscle metabolic adaptations to sprint interval training

Thompson C, Wylie LJ, Blackwell JR, Fulford J, Black MI, Kelly J, McDonagh STJ, Carter J, Bailey SJ, Vanhatalo A

Open Access

Topics: Training & Performance, Supplements

March 2017

Maximal fat oxidation rates in an athletic population.

Randell RK, Rollo I, Roberts TJ, Dalrymple K, Jeukendrup AE, Carter JM.

Topics: Sports Nutrition

January 2017

Resistance exercise augments postprandial overnight muscle protein synthesis rates

Trommelen J, Holwerda AM, Kouw IWK, Langer H, Halson SL, Verdijk LB, van Loon, LJC

Open Access

Topics: Training & Performance, Protein

December 2016


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