November 2016


Davis JK, Baker LB, Barnes K, Ungaro C, Stofan J.

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Topics: Technology

July 2023

Fluid Balance and Carbohydrate Intake of Elite Female Soccer Players during Training and Competition

Tarnowski, CA, Rollo I, Carter JM, Lizarraga-Dallo, MA, Oliva MP, Clifford T, James LJ, Randell, RK

Open Access

Skin‐Interfaced Microfluidic System with Machine Learning‐Enabled Image Processing of Sweat Biomarkers in Remote Settings

Baker, LB, Seib, MS, Barnes, KA, Brown, SD, King, MA, De Chavez PJD, Qu S, Archer J, Wolfe AS, Stofan JR

Open Access

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

July 2022

Effects of oral creatine supplementation on power output during repeated treadmill sprinting

Bogdanis GC, Nevill ME, Aphamis G, Stavrinou PS, Jenkins DG, Giannaki CD, Lakomy HKA, Williams C

Open Access

Topics: Training & Performance, Supplements

March 2022

New opportunities to advance the field of sports nutrition

Jonvik KL, King M, Rollo I, Stellingwerff T, Pitsiladis Y

Open Access

Topics: Sports Nutrition

February 2022

Topics: Sport Specific, Sports Nutrition, Recovery

December 2021

Physiological characteristics of female soccer players and health and performance considerations: a narrative review

Randell RK, Clifford T, Drust B, Moss SL, Unnithan VB, De Ste Croix MBA, Datson N, Martin D, Mayho H, Carter JM, Rollo I

Open Access

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Sport Specific

July 2021

Evaluation of Omega-3 Status in Professional Basketball Players

Davis JK, Freese EC, Wolfe AS, Basham SA, Stein KMW

Topics: Supplements, Sports Nutrition

July 2021

Neuromuscular, endocrine, and perceptual recovery after a youth American football game

Davis JK, Wolfe AS, Basham SA, Freese EC, De Chavez PJD

Topics: Training & Performance, Recovery

May 2021

Hydration status, fluid intake, sweat rate, and sweat sodium concentration in recreational tropical native runners

Surapongchai J, Saengsirisuwan V, Rollo I, Randell RK, Nithitsuttibuta K, Sainiyom P, Leow CHW, Lee JKW

Open Access


All work featured here is funded and/or conducted by GSSI.

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