November 2016


Davis JK, Baker LB, Barnes K, Ungaro C, Stofan J.

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Fluid Balance and Carbohydrate Intake of Elite Female Soccer Players during Training and Competition

Tarnowski, CA, Rollo I, Carter JM, Lizarraga-Dallo, MA, Oliva MP, Clifford T, James LJ, Randell, RK

Open Access

Skin‐Interfaced Microfluidic System with Machine Learning‐Enabled Image Processing of Sweat Biomarkers in Remote Settings

Baker, LB, Seib, MS, Barnes, KA, Brown, SD, King, MA, De Chavez PJD, Qu S, Archer J, Wolfe AS, Stofan JR

Open Access

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

July 2022

Hydration status, fluid intake, sweat rate, and sweat sodium concentration in recreational tropical native runners

Surapongchai J, Saengsirisuwan V, Rollo I, Randell RK, Nithitsuttibuta K, Sainiyom P, Leow CHW, Lee JKW

Open Access

Skin-interfaced microfluidic system with personalized sweating rate and sweat chloride analytics for sports science applications

Baker LB, Model JB, Barnes KA, Anderson ML, Lee SP, Lee KA, Brown SD, Reimel AJ, Roberts TJ, Nuccio RP, Bonsignore JL, Ungaro CT, Carter JM, Li W, Seib MS, Reeder JT, Aranyosi AJ, Rogers JA, Ghaffari R

Open Access

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

December 2020

Practical hydration solutions for sports

Belval LN, Hosokawa Y, Casa DJ, Adams WM, Armstrong LE, Baker LB, Burke L, Cheuvront S, Chiampas G, González-Alonso J

Open Access

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

July 2019

Normative data for sweating rate, sweat sodium concentration, and sweat sodium loss in athletes: An update and analysis by sport

Barnes KA, Anderson ML, Stofan JR, Dalrymple KJ, Reimel AJ, Roberts TJ, Randell RK, Ungaro CT, Baker LB.

Open Access

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

June 2019

Exercise intensity effects on total sweat electrolyte losses and regional vs. whole-body sweat [Na+], [Cl-], and [K+]

Baker LB, De Chavez PJD, Ungaro CT, Sopeña BC, Nuccio RP, Reimel AJ, Barnes KA

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

February 2019

Narrative Review of Hydration and Selected Health Outcomes in the General Population

Liska D, Mah Eunice, Brisbois T, Barrios PL, Baker LB, Spriet LL

Topics: Hydration & Thermoregulation

January 2019


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