Saturday, 13 July, 2024

Dietary Analysis Tool for Athletes

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Based on the multiple pass 24-hour recall method of dietary analysis, DATA is a modified, digital 24-hour recall designed specifically for sports health professionals to use with their athletes.
The 24-hour recall is an interview method and analyzes one day of intake & activity. The report includes total daily nutrient intake, pre-during-post sport nutrition intakes, and an estimate of energy expenditure based on activities. Pre-exercise nutrient intakes are reported for the 4 hours prior to exercise, and post-exercise nutrient intakes are reported for the 1 hour after exercise. The results from a validation study indicate the output from DATA is in good agreement with both a traditional 24-hour recall and observations made by dietitians.
Nutrient values are obtained from the USDA database as well as restaurant websites and sports nutrition product labels. Nutrient values, particularly those for vitamins and minerals, are as accurate as reported from those sources.

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