GSSI University is a program designed to provide educational materials on the topics of sports nutrition and hydration for use by instructors in their collegiate courses.

Sports Nutrition Course Materials

The GSSI staff have created a library of materials to be used in undergraduate courses teaching sports nutrition and hydration topics, all of which have undergone scientific review. All materials can be downloaded except the virtual labs, which your students will access in our learning management platform. Instructions are provided on how to assign the labs using a link or QR code. Check back often – we currently have enough content to fill a semester-long course, but will continue to expand the library. Contact with any questions.

  • Lecture Decks - Lecture decks on 30 topics related to sports nutrition and hydration. For the greatest flexibility, the files are provided in PowerPoint format. Although we used a common font, please check formatting upon download to your computer.
  • Recorded Lectures - Use GSSI staff as guest lecturers! Select lecture decks have been recorded by staff members.
  • Learning Activities - Practical application activities that complement the lecture content.
  • Podcasts - Listen in with members of GSSI staff as they discuss topics related to hydration with experts from around the globe.
  • Animated Videos - Brief (~90s) animated videos to help explain concepts to your students on the topics of hydration, carbohydrate and protein.
  • Instructor Resources - Resources to support instructors, including a sample learning plan to use all GSSIU resources for a semester and virtual lab previews.
  • Virtual Labs - Virtual labs were developed to teach exercise science laboratory techniques important for the study of sports nutrition in the context of a nutrition-related research question or practical application.

Dietary Analysis Tool

Based on the multiple pass 24-hour recall method of dietary analysis, DATA is a modified, digital 24-hour recall designed specifically for sports health professionals to use with their athletes.

Fluid Loss Calculator

The Fluid Loss Calculator is an estimate of an athlete’s hourly sweat rate during exercise

Fuel Habits Survey

The Fuel Habits Survey is a brief assessment of the sports nutrition habits of an athlete for one training session or competition.