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Absorption from different intestinal segments during exercise.

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Topics: Training & Performance

July 1997

Fructose transport mechanisms in humans

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Topics: Training & Performance

October 1997

Effect of hypohydration on gastric emptying and intestinal absorption during exercise.

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Topics: Training & Performance

May 1998

Effect of carbohydrate ingestion and hormonal responses on ratings of perceived exertion during prolonged cycling and running.

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Glycogen replenishment and repeated maximal effort exercise: effect of liquid carbohydrate.

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Topics: Carbohydrate, Training & Performance, Recovery

December 1999

Perceived exertion with glucose ingestion in adolescent males with IDDM.

Riddell MC, Bar-or O, Gerstein HC, Heigenhauser GJ.

Topics: Carbohydrate, Training & Performance

January 2000


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