November 2016


Davis JK, Baker LB, Barnes K, Ungaro C, Stofan J.

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Fluid Balance and Carbohydrate Intake of Elite Female Soccer Players during Training and Competition

Tarnowski, CA, Rollo I, Carter JM, Lizarraga-Dallo, MA, Oliva MP, Clifford T, James LJ, Randell, RK

Open Access

Topics: Sport Specific, Sports Nutrition, Recovery

December 2021

Physiological characteristics of female soccer players and health and performance considerations: a narrative review

Randell RK, Clifford T, Drust B, Moss SL, Unnithan VB, De Ste Croix MBA, Datson N, Martin D, Mayho H, Carter JM, Rollo I

Open Access

Topics: Sports Nutrition, Sport Specific

July 2021

Hydration status, fluid intake, sweat rate, and sweat sodium concentration in recreational tropical native runners

Surapongchai J, Saengsirisuwan V, Rollo I, Randell RK, Nithitsuttibuta K, Sainiyom P, Leow CHW, Lee JKW

Open Access

Assessment of energy availability and associated risk factors in professional female soccer players

Moss SL, Randell RK, Burgess D, Ridley S, ÓCairealláin C, Allison R, Rollo I

Open Access

Topics: Training & Performance, Sport Specific

August 2020

Trapped sweat in basketball uniforms and the effect on sweat loss estimates

Baker LB, Reimel AJ, Sopeña BC, Barnes KA, Nuccio RP, De Chavez PJD, Stofan JR, Carter JM

Open Access

Dietary nitrate improves sprint performance and cognitive function during prolonged intermittent exercise.

Thompson C, Wylie LJ, Fulford J, Kelly J, Black MI, McDonagh ST, Jeukendrup AE, Vanhatalo A, Jones AM.

Topics: Sport Specific, Supplements

July 2015

Daily fluid turnover during preseason training in U.S. college football.

Stofan JR, Osterberg KL, Horswill CA, Lacambra M, Eichner ER, Anderson SA, Murray R.

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