Sports Medicine Publications

The articles below are open access review articles published in supplemental issues of the journal Sports Medicine. The articles are reviews written by past and present GSSI XP members.


Technology Innovation and Guardrails in Elite Sport: The Future is Now

Guppy F, Muniz-Pardos B, Angeloudis K, Grivas GV, Pitsiladis A, Bundy R, Zelenkova I, Tanisawa K, Akiyama H, Keramitsoglou I, Miller M, Knopp M, Schweizer F, Luckfiel T, Ruiz D, Racinais S, Pitsiladis Y

Open Access

Topics: Technology, Training & Performance

October 2023

Cannabis and Athletic Performance

Burr JF, Cheung CP, Kasper AM, Gillham SH, Close GL

Open Access

Topics: CBD, Training & Performance

September 2021

Nutrition and Altitude: Strategies to Enhance Adaptation, Improve Performance and Maintain Health: A Narrative Review

Stellingwerff T, Peeling P, Garvican-Lewis LA, Hall R, Koivisto AE, Heikura IA, Burke LM

Open Access

Topics: Training & Performance, Sports Nutrition

December 2019