Sports Nutrition Ingredients and Governance, Exercise Training, and Sports Technology


This Sports Medicine supplement aims to provide recent information in a variety of fields with the common goal of optimising athlete performance and health. In the constantly evolving field of sports nutrition, for example, the use of carbohydrates to improve soccer skill is examined and the importance of vitamins and minerals for athletic performance is reviewed, including when supplements may be needed in athletic populations. This supplement also reviews the latest information on the use of buffering agents and creatine supplements to improve sports performance at the levels of skeletal muscle and the brain, as well as approaches to avoid inadvertent anti-doping violations. Furthermore, the supplement includes a perspective on the value of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for athletic performance and health. The supplement concludes by examining the use of technology to collect many forms of data from elite athletes while training and competing. It discusses the issues surrounding the use of technology to improve performance and the guardrails needed to protect the athletes who provide the data.

Sports Med (2023) Epub ahead of print