Expert Panel

Expert Panel Members

Each year GSSI invites a diverse group of researchers, medical professionals and/or practitioners to participate as an Expert Panel (XP) member. These individuals present at the annual GSSI XP meeting, author SSE articles, write review articles for a supplemental issue in the journal Sports Medicine and speak at various professional conferences and events.

Upcoming Meetings

GSSI hosts an Expert Panel meeting annually where our XP members present on various areas of expertise. Details around the XP meeting can be found here. Professional conferences and events where our current and previous XP members will be speaking at a GSSI sponsored session are also highlighted within this section.

Sports Medicine Publications

One of the primary contributions of the XP members is to author a review article to be published in a supplemental issue of the journal Sports Medicine. These review articles are all open access to provide availability and visibility to the public. 

Expert Panel Presentations

Recordings from the GSSI Expert Panel meetings are available to watch on demand. The videos include presentations from subject matter experts in a variety of fields related to sports science and athlete health.