Expert Panel Presentations

Recordings from the GSSI Expert Panel meetings are available to watch on demand. The videos include presentations from subject matter experts in a variety of fields related to sports science and athlete health.

Creatine Supplementation: New Insights and Perspectives
Darren Candow PhD

Dr Darren Candow explores creatine monohydrate supplementation beyond increases in lean tissue and exercise performance. The presentation discusses the state of the literature on the impact of creatine supplementation on aging as well as brain health.


No guarantees: managing supplement risk in sport
Sue Backhouse PhD

Dr Susan Backhouse discusses the prevalence of supplement use across sports and competitive levels, despite the risk of such products containing a substance on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited list. The presentation explores a risk mitigation approach to supplement use, with a particular focus on assessing the need, risk and consequence of using supplements.


Addressing deficiencies in athlete nutrition: vitamins and minerals
Peter Peeling PhD

Dr Peter Peeling discusses the incidence of nutrient deficiencies in athletes and various considerations that need to be accounted for when identifying and correcting a micronutrient deficiency in athletes. He examines the many complexities and confounding variables to consider when planning a strategic approach to correcting a deficiency.


Technology innovation and guardrails in sport
Yannis Pitsiladis PhD FACSM

Dr Yannis Pitsiladis provides an overview on wearable sensor technologies used in sporting contexts and highlights the importance of rigorous validation that is needed before these technologies are launched on the market. 


Update on High-Intensity Interval Training for athletes and health and wellness
Martin Gibala PhD

Dr Martin Gibala provides an update on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) strategies for performance enhancement in athletes, and as well as novel applications of the method to promote health and wellness in less-trained individuals.


Lessons from a lifetime in sports nutrition
Lawrence Spriet PhD

Dr Lawrence Spriet shares his experiences throughout his extensive career and gives advice on how to be an effective researcher, colleague, mentor, and collaborator. He also gives a reminder about finding balance and following your passions.


Carbohydrate nutrition and team sports performance: an update and focus on skilled actions
Ian Rollo PhD

Dr Ian Rollo discusses the importance of executing skilled actions in team sports, as well as the impact of dietary carbohydrate interventions on skill performance during soccer type exercise.


The unevenness of social change in women's sports in the United States: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Cherly Cooky PhD

Dr Cheryl Cooky’s presentation focuses on two main areas: 1) participation opportunities and 2) media coverage of women’s sports. This presentation concludes with a discussion of why sports matter and the possible shifts in the landscape of women’s sports.


Buffers: Perspectives on Use in Female Athletes, Extreme Environments, Combined Buffering Agents
Amelia Carr PhD

Dr Amelia Carr reviews and evaluates the current evidence for the use of buffering agents, particularly within specific contexts (use by high-performance female athletes, extreme environmental conditions and combined buffering agents) when considering the moderating factors that influence athletes’ response to buffering agents.