Upcoming Meetings

A primary objective of the Expert Panel is to share subject matter knowledge from experts in the field. GSSI XP members will be speaking at the events listed below.

GSSI Pre-Conference at the 2024 ACSM Annual Meeting

May 28, 2024

GSSI Presents:

Navigating the Latest Hydration Science
Chair: James Carter**

  • Overview of Hydration Physiology and Principles of the Fluid Replacement Process – Dr Lindsay Baker** PhD, FACSM
  • Hydration and Youth Athletes – Dr Stavros Kavouras* PhD
  • Hydration and Thermoregulation in Extreme Environments – Dr  Zachary Schlader PhD
  • Practical Implementation of Hydration Science – Jen Sygo* MSC, RD

The preconference will cover relevant topics related to hydration physiology, fluid replacement and the research and practical implementation in specific populations. Hydration research has been published for over 100 years, yet we continue to learn more about physiology and how to best support the hydration needs of athletes. Despite what is known, supporting athlete hydration can be challenging for numerous reasons. The first presentation will cover hydration physiology and principles of the fluid replacement process. The second presentation will address hydration issues and recommendations specifically for youth athletes. Third, hydration and thermoregulation in extreme environments, whether outdoor sports or physically demanding occupations will be discussed. Finally, the closing session will cover the practical components to educating athletes and supporting their hydration needs.

The pre-conference will also feature presentations by the finalists for the GSSI Young Investigator in Sport Nutrition Awards at the start of the meeting

Location: Hynes Convention Center - room coming soon

Time: Tuesday, May 28 | 11:30 AM-3:30 PM EST

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*Current or previous GSSI Expert Panel (XP) member
** GSSI staff

GSSI Symposium at the 2024 ECSS Annual Meeting

July 2, 2024

Please join us for the GSSI Symposium at the European College of Sport Sciences meeting

Details coming soon

Location: Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Time: 15:15-17:45 BST