NBA Gatorade Training Centre

About the Summit
The annual NBA Gatorade Training Centre event brings Canadian high school and collegiate basketball coaches together to learn the newest information on all aspects of the game. During the event, subject matter experts share their basketball expertise, ranging from demonstrating new training drills to discussing the importance of proper fueling and hydration. The Training Centre event is part of our commitment to educate basketball coaches across Canada so they can be leaders in the sport and help Canadian basketball athletes perform at their best.

Science into Practice
Experts involved with the summit have been involved in the sport at the highest level, from the court to the laboratory.  Speakers have included Lenny Wilkens, basketball hall of fame coach and player, who provided unique perspectives from his careers as both an athlete and coach. Toronto Raptors’ NBA legend Jerome Williams and Coach Dwane Casey, head coach of the Toronto Raptors shared a wide range of on-court drills for athletes.  Additionally, GSSI scientists and advisors have presented on hydration and fueling, using the latest research in the sport and putting it into practice.  Coaches learn about hydration and carbohydrate physiologies and their impact on athletic performance. They are also provided with current recommendations to help athletes meet their nutrition and hydration needs before, during and after practice or games.

High Performance Hockey Summit

Hockey Summit 4

About the Summit
Since 2013, the High Performance Hockey Summit, in partnership with Hockey Canada, has assembled the top Canadian hockey coaches and trainers along with subject matter experts to discuss the science of the game, from training to nutrition. Every spring, top coaches and trainers are selected and invited to attend the summit. The objective is to exchange knowledge that improves the game of hockey and optimizes player performance, keeping Canada ahead of growing international competition. The day-long summit has featured world-class experts in the areas of training and development, player psychology, and nutrition and hydration. Professional hockey players have addressed how nutrition and the advances in science have affected their game over the course of their careers.

The Summit is part of our commitment to working with coaches, trainers, parents and players to make sure everyone involved in the game is educated, allowing minor hockey to continue to grow and prosper across the country.

Hockey Summit 5

Science into Practice
The summit translates research into practical applications and strategies for coaches and trainers to use with their players. In partnership with the University of Guelph, GSSI has tested many hockey players at the World Junior and NHL level to help them understand their fluid and electrolyte losses. GSSI research shows that the average hockey player loses approximately one-and-a-half liters of sweat every hour on the ice. However, many athletes do not replenish the fluid that is lost, making them at risk for dehydration. Even mild dehydration can affect athletic performance. Dr. Lawrence Spriet, Professor and Chair, Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, University of Guelph has been an integral part of the annual summit. He discusses how proper hydration and nutrition is critical to hockey performance and puts forth the evidence that helps coaches, trainers and players understand that reaching and maintaining peak performance levels isn’t solely dependent on training.