Nutritional support for athletic performance.


November 2015

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In recent years, all personnel involved in maximizing athletic performance have adopted a science-based approach to the nutritional support of athletes and active individuals. The field of sports nutrition has exploded in terms of applied research interest and publications, and also in the practical application of the research findings to the ‘real’ or ‘athletic’ world. Many of us tend to concentrate on nutrition for hydrating and fuelling the athlete during training sessions and competitions, but we realize that the ‘before, during and after exercise’ nutritional approach is also important for recovery and preparation for the next exercise session. In addition, nutrition can also play a role in circumstances that the athlete may find themselves in, such as having to lose weight while training, recovering from an injury and trying to train part-time or full-time, and deciding whether to take nutritional supplements, such as beta-alanine or sodium bicarbonate, which would be consumed in larger quantities than found in the diet. This supplement examines many of these issues.

Sports Med. 45(Suppl 1):3-4.

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