Active women across the lifespan: nutritional ingredients to support health and wellness


September 2022


Women are the largest consumers of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements can play a role in health and performance, particularly for women. Growing evidence and innovations support the unique physiological and nutrient timing needs for women. Despite the need for more nutrition and exercise-specific research in women, initial data and known physiological differences between sexes related to the brain, respiration, bone, and muscle support new product development and evidence-based education for active women regarding the use of dietary supplements. In this narrative review, we discuss hormonal and metabolic considerations with the potential to impact nutritional recommendations for active women. We propose four potential areas of opportunity for ingredients to help support the health and well-being of active women, including: (1) body composition, (2) energy/fatigue, (3) mental health, and (4) physical health.

Sports Med (2022) 52(Suppl 1):101-117.