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The Hydration Debate: Making Sense of Mixed Messages

Hydration strategies used during exercise, training and competition seek to prevent over-/under-hydration and preserve performance, but it isn’t as simple as drinking throughout exercise. Research physiologist Robert W. Kenefick, PhD, FACSM, describes the current research on hydration strategies and provides practical applications for each method.

Managing Post-Exercise Inflammation: From Ibuprofen to Cherries

Most people know NSAIDs, like aspirin, can help control inflammation in the body – but what if the same results could be achieved through nutrition? Sports dietitian, Roberta Anding, MS, RD/LD, CDE, CSSD, FAND, sheds some light on the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet to reduce the inflammation associated with exercise.

Sleep in Elite Athletes and Rest in the NBA

Cheri Mah, a sleep research scientist, discusses current research related to sleep and performance in elite athletes. The webinar includes sleep challenges athletes face, the impact sleep can have on performance as well as practical strategies to improve sleep. A particular focus is given to the NBA and the role that sleep and game schedules can play on performance. 

Nutrition for Marathon Running

Professor Asker Jeukendrup discusses race-day Nutrition for Marathon Runners. The webinar includes a historical perspective on nutrition practices of marathoners as well as the current research around nutrition and performance. A particular focus is on practical nutrition strategies for before, during and after a marathon.

American Football Taskforce webinar

A recorded version of the nutrition in sport: American Football webinar is now available. Hear from the authors of the American Football series of SSEs as they highlight a variety of topics related to sports science and American Football. Watch the full 2 hour webinar to receive 2 units of continuing education for ACSM, CDR or the BOC.