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Ian Rollo PhD

Principal Scientist


Head of International Service and Clinical Research Management

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Carbohydrate Metabolism, Protein, Hydration and High Intensity Intermittent Sports


BSc Birmingham University (Sport and Exercise Sciences), MSc Loughborough University (Exercise Physiology), PhD Loughborough University (Carbohydrate Metabolism and Self-Selected Endurance Running Performance)

Athletic Background:

Enjoy running, football (soccer) and all sports.


Ian is principle scientist and head of GSSI International. His research interest is focused on sports nutrition. Ian earned his bachelors degree from Birmingham University in sport and exercise science and masters degree from Loughborough University in exercise physiology. In 2009 he received a PhD from Loughborough University under the supervision of Professor Clyde Williams. In 2005 he worked at the August Krogh Institute, Denmark, assisting in studies on mechanisms of fatigue during high intensity exercise and optimizing nutritional strategies for soccer. Ian has previously been a consultant in professional soccer and rugby. Dr Rollo is an honorary research fellow at Loughborough University, where he previously led MSc module on Sport and Exercise Nutrition. His current role involves providing nutritional support for professional soccer clubs such as FC Barcelona and Manchester City FC. Ian also manages clinical research projects and is involved in developing novel technologies to support athletic performance. Finally, Ian leads the PepsiCo innovation team on healthy aging. He continues to author publications and deliver invited presentations globally.