Anunziata Morris, BSc



GSSI Teammate Since:



BSc Purdue University (Nutrition, Fitness and Health), BSc Purdue University (Dietetics)


Anunziata is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and GSSI Advisor based in Lima, Peru. She completed Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics as well as Nutrition, Fitness and Health, both at Purdue University, obtaining the Senior of the Year Award. Anunziata also completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Over the years, she has worked to provide sports nutrition support to competitive and amateur athletes. Before joining GSSI in 2017, Anunziata worked as an advisor and communicator for other companies in the fields of nutrition and sports. Anunziata’s roles at GSSI are to educate and provide service to professional and amateur teams and athletes, to help Gatorade provide clear and science-based information for digital media and press, and to strive to obtain GSSI presence in academic events such as conferences, webinars or university lectures.

Anunziata loves all sports (especially running, soccer and tennis) and loves to travel, read books, learn languages and spend time with family and friends.