Andrea Gilmond, MSc



GSSI Teammate Since:



BSc Universidad Central de Venezuela (Nutrition and Dietetics), MSc Universidad Europea de Madrid (Training and Sports Nutrition), Diploma International Olympic Committee (Sports Nutrition)


Andrea Gilmond is a sports nutritionist and GSSI Advisor based in Caracas, Venezuela. She has been working with professional and amateur athletes for the last 8 years. Andrea has worked with the semi-professional basketball team at Real Madrid and with three different professional football teams in Venezuela (Deportivo La Guaira F.C, Metropolitanos F.C and Mineros de Guayana F.C). Currently Andrea is the professor of Sports Nutrition in the Nutrition and Dietetics School of the Universidad Central de Venezuela and has a private practice working with elite and amateur athletes.

Andrea is very passionate about sports nutrition and fascinated about the way in which eating patterns and food choices influence performance and the health of athletes. She loves being a speaker at events, as well as providing education to practitioners and athletes, and has performed more than 35 educational talks in congresses or seminars related to sports nutrition.

Andrea also enjoys travelling, spend time with her family and practicing a variety of sports, mostly tennis, cycling, swimming and running. Andrea has completed 2 marathons: Berlin and Paris marathon.