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Michelle King PhD, CSCS

Principal Scientist


Exercise Physiology Research

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Exercise Physiology, Thermoregulation, Muscle Physiology, Exercise Immunology


BS Millikin University (Exercise Science, Chemistry, Psychology), MS University of Illinois Chicago (Kinesiology), PhD University of Florida (Exercise Physiology), Post-Doctoral Fellowship: US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Athletic Background:

Ran cross-country and track for Millikin University.  Michelle still loves running, especially long runs and track workouts.  She supplements her running program with resistance training and uses cycling or swimming as modes of fun recovery. 


Dr. Michelle King is a Principal Scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Michelle’s body of work has focused on the innate immune response to physical exertion in extreme environmental conditions.  Michelle’s primary role is to support GSSI’s internal program by designing and conducting studies related to personalized hydration.  Michelle joined the team following her post-doctoral work at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, where she investigated if novel oral rehydration solutions could delay the onset of exertional heat stroke or accelerate recovery from organ damage.  During her time at the University of Florida she studied how the muscle, gut, and immune system communicate during extreme environmental conditions, specifically in exertional heat stroke.  Michelle has multiple publications in thermoregulation including peer-reviewed manuscripts and a book chapter.  She previously enjoyed working in physical therapy clinics and teaching courses in the exercise sciences such as Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and Exercise Prescription.