Melissa Anderson MA

Principal Scientist


Lead of US Satellite Lab in Bradenton, FL

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Lab and field testing, gastric emptying, & intestinal absorption


BS University of Northern Iowa (Health Promotion), MA University of Northern Iowa (Exercise Science)

Athletic Background:

Competitive Swimmer through college; Since college has turned into a recreational runner, participating in races up to half-marathons.

SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND: Melissa is a Principal Scientist at GSSI with a main interest in helping athletes identify aspects of sports nutrition that can be translated and applied into performance-enhancing advantages. Her current responsibilities including managing GSSI’s satellite lab in Bradenton, FL. Opened in 2011, the satellite lab focuses on answering specific sports nutrition, hydration, and sports science questions in both a lab and field environment and serving as an incubation site for new protocols, technologies, and product prototypes,  while  also providing education and service to both youth and elite team sport athletes. Melissa joined GSSI in 2005 to support the Gatorade efficacy research program, specifically involved in a series of laboratory-based research projects that focused on the factors influencing gastric emptying and intestinal absorption of sports drinks at rest and during exercise. Originally from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, Melissa competed on the varsity swim team at the University of Northern Iowa, where she received both her undergraduate degree in Health Promotion and her graduate degree in Exercise Science. Between her educational programs, Melissa completed an internship at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA where she was involved in the testing and evaluation of elite-level Olympic athletes in kayaking, track and field, and other sports. During her leisure time outside of GSSI, Melissa enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 kids, running, and yoga.