Ali Boolani PhD, MEd, MA

Associate Principal Scientist


Lead the mental performance arm of GSSI’s Internal Clinical Research Program

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Mental and physical energy and fatigue, machine learning


BA/MA Tulane University (International Relations), MEd University of New Orleans (Health and Human Performance), PhD Oklahoma State University (Health and Human Performance)

Athletic Background:

Ali grew up playing cricket, basketball, football, baseball and tennis. These days he regularly plays basketball, raquetball and tennis, hike, snowboard, kayak and lift weights. Anything to be physically active and outdoors.

Scientific Background

Ali Boolani is an Associate Principal Scientist at the GSSI facility in Valhalla, NY. Prior to joining GSSI, Ali was an Associate Professor at Clarkson University where he led a multi-disciplinary lab focused on better understanding mental and physical energy and fatigue. Ali has over 50 publications, including journal articles, invited commentaries and book chapters. Ali earned his bachelors and masters from Tulane University in International Relations prior to pursuing a masters from University of New Orleans and a PhD from Oklahoma State University in Health and Human Performance. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship under the direction of Patrick O’Connor at the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing a masters in Artificial Intelligence at Johns Hopkins University.