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Mil Med. 173(2):187-192. Available:

Impact of prolonged exercise in the heat and carbohydrate supplementation on performance of a virtual environment task.

Bailey SP, Holt C, Pfuger KC, La Budde Z, Afergan D, Stripling R, Miller PC, Hall EE.


The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether performance of a virtual environment (VE) task is influenced by exercise in the heat and carbohydrate supplementation.

Ten males completed four exercise trials to fatigue. During each trial, subjects cycled at a submaximal workload. Subjects exercised in a normal environment (NORM) and in a hot environment on different occasions. During exercise, subjects drank 10 mL x kg(-1) x hour(-1) of body weight of a 6% carbohydrate beverage (CHO) or a placebo. Subjects completed a VE task before, during exercise, and after fatigue.

More failures occurred during placebo than CHO during exercise. The NORM CHO trial had the fewest failures at fatigue. More kills occurred during exercise in the NORM CHO.

Performance of a VE task was negatively influenced by prolonged exercise and heat stress. CHO supplementation may have a positive impact on performance of the VE task following prolonged exercise