PepsiCo Life Sciences

The Life Sciences division comprises of the Health and Nutrition Sciences (H&NS) team, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), External Innovation, Policy and Academic Partnerships, and Clinical Operations. The teams support the business by interpreting and translating nutrition and sports science, as well as guiding product development and innovation. The teams also monitor, evaluate and conduct nutrition and sports performance research. Some of the key focus areas for this group include functional and trending ingredients and personalized nutrition.

Health and Nutrition Sciences

The PepsiCo H&NS team has a strong academic foundation that leverages significant experience and proficiency in nutrition, dietetics, health promotion, and other health science related disciplines. The team engages with key external stakeholders to educate about the role PepsiCo products play in increasing consumer choice and delivering a broader range of healthier products. In addition, the team also plays a critical role in contributing to the ongoing learning and education of internal stakeholders.

External Innovation

The External Innovation team provides a seamless external partnering capability to accelerate PepsiCo’s technology agenda and uncover unique new business opportunities. They look for solutions related to expanded capabilities, purpose-driven partnerships, efficiency and productivity and emerging opportunities.