Richard Marine, MD


Dominican Republic

GSSI Teammate Since:



MD Universidad Autónoma Santo Domingo and Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano (Nutrition and Sports Medicine)


Richard Marine is GSSI Advisor in the Dominican Republic, based in Santo Domingo. Richard graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 2003 and as a Sports Doctor in 2004, both at the Santo Domingo Autonomous University (UASD). He then graduated as a Clinical Nutritionist in 2005 at the Dominican Technological Institute (INTEC).

Since 2003, Richard has worked with Gatorade and GSSI to help athletes optimize their health and performance by promoting research and education in the sciences of hydration, nutrition and sports. Richard's areas of expertise are clinical nutrition and sports nutrition in the prevention of Non-communicable Diseases. Richard represents in the "Exercise is Medicine" program of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) within the Dominican Republic.

Richard has been selected to prepare the National Physical Activity Plan 2022-2030 coordinated by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic.

Richard is a reference entity due to his extensive experience as a clinical nutritionist for the health industry in the Dominican Republic and Central America. He is also responsible for functional testing, sweat testing, and sports nutrition support for many baseball, basketball, and soccer teams in his country.

Richard's current role with GSSI ranges from supporting the clinical and sports nutrition of athletes from different sports, as well as managing and supporting GSSI's service commitments in the Dominican Republic.

In his spare time, Richard likes to socialize with his family and friends, engage in physical activity, read books by his favourite authors, rest to breathe, think, rediscover himself to live in balance, thus applying his personal slogan called "take care and live”.