Rebecca Randell PhD

Associate Principal Scientist


Application of Sports Science to specific cohorts; lead for Sports Science Exchange articles

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Sports nutrition, exercise metabolism, supplements, laboratory and field testing, female physiology and health


BSc University of Birmingham (Sport and Exercise Sciences), PhD University of Birmingham (Factors affecting fat oxidation during exercise)

Athletic Background:

Running and netball

SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND: Dr Randell is an Associate Principal Scientist with a background in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. Rebecca earned her bachelor's degree at the University of Birmingham in 2009 and received her Ph.D from the University of Birmingham, UK under the supervision of Professor Asker Jeukendrup. Her thesis investigated nutrition interventions and fat oxidation rates during exercise. Her current role involves supporting the Sports Science Application team and leading the strategy for female athletes. Rebecca also oversees the GSSI Sports Science Exchange articles and Expert Panel (XP), which are part of the education pillar.  She has extensive experience working with elite athletes and clubs. She continues to author publications in peer reviewed journals and deliver invited presentations in the UK and abroad.