John Stofan MS, PMP

R&D Director, Operations


Project Management, Scientific Operations

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Fluid Balance, Sweat Electrolytes, Thermoregulation, and Project Management


BS, MS Southern Connecticut State University. (Human Performance/Exercise Science)

Athletic Background:

Running for fitness, mountain biking, sea kayaking and other outdoor activities.

SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND: John is an exercise scientist and certified project management professional with interests in sports nutrition, hydration, and the effects of fluid and electrolyte balance on cardiovascular and thermoregulatory response to exercise in the heat. Early in his career, John conducted lab-based physiology and field-based applied research in the areas of hydration, rehydration, sweating response, electrolyte and fluid balance. In his current role, John leads scientific and business operations that enable GSSI’s strategic priorities of Innovation, Research, Athlete Service and Engagement across GSSI's Satellite facilities in Florida and Texas.  He also supports various Life Sciences R&D programs cross-functionally. A native of Connecticut, he earned his BS and MS degrees in Human Performance/Exercise Science at Southern Connecticut State University. Much of his early career was academic focused research (SCSU), several years as research assistant at the John B. Pierce Laboratory, affiliated with Yale University, then moving to clinical and industry research with GSSI.  John has been a member of the American College of Sports Medicine since 1989, has authored and co-authored publications in scientific journals, a contributor to textbooks on hydration and sports drinks, and peer-reviewer for several exercise and sports medicine focused journals. Extracurricular interests include outdoor activities coupled with digital photography.