Eric Freese MS, PhD

Principal Scientist


Lead of U.S. Satellite Laboratory in Frisco, Texas

GSSI Teammate Since:


Area of Expertise:

Exercise physiology, High-intensity interval training, Postprandial lipid metabolism, Phytonutrient supplementation


BS University of Illinois (Kinesiology), MS University of Georgia (Exercise Physiology), PhD University of Georgia (Exercise Physiology)

Athletic Background:

Multisport high school athlete (basketball, baseball, golf); current high-level amateur golfer; enjoys weight lifting and high-intensity interval exercise

Scientific Background:

Eric is a Principal Scientist and lead of the GSSI satellite laboratory at the Baylor, Scott, and White Sports Performance Center in Frisco, Texas.  Opened in 2018, the satellite laboratory supports the broader GSSI strategy, serving as a lab and field testing hub to answer sport specific questions in hydration and sports nutrition while providing education and service to youth and elite athletes. He completed is master’s and doctorate degrees in exercise physiology at the University of Georgia. Eric joined GSSI in 2018 but has worked at PepsiCo for three and a half years prior with the Nutrition Science team. There, he supported the implementation of nutrition strategies for PepsiCo, developed product guidance, supported ingredient scoping activities, and translated nutrition science. His research background has ranged from assessing metabolic and physiological responses to high-intensity interval training to purported mental and physiological benefits of phytonutrient supplementation. His interests focus on optimizing the recovery period to translate to increased performance capabilities. Currently, he enjoys being active with his wife, playing golf, Olympic lifting, and high-intensity interval exercise.