Course Offerings

Sleep in Elite Athletes and Rest in the NBA
Nutrition for Marathon Running
American Football Taskforce webinar
SSE #153: Heat Acclimatization to Improve Athletic Performance in Warm-Hot Environments
SSE #152: Hydration & Aerobic Performance: Impact of Environment
SSE #150: Dietary Assessment Methods for the Athlete: Pros and Cons of Different Methods
SSE #148: The Importance of Vitamin D for Athletes
SSE #147: Vitamin D Measurement & Supplementation: What, When, Why & How?
SSE #140: Carbohydrate Nutrition and Team Sports Performance
SSE #139: Physiological Adaptations to Low-Volume High-Intensity Interval Training
SSEs #137 &138: Endurance Exercise and Antioxidant Supplementation: Sense or Nonsense? - Parts 1 & 2
SSE #136: Using Nutrition and Molecular Biology to Maximize Concurrent Training
SSE #134: Manipulating Carbohydrate Availability to Promote Training Adaptation
SSE #123: Nutrition and the Molecular Response to Strength Training
SSE #122: Sodium Ingestion, Thirst and Drinking During Endurance Exercise
SSE #120: Recovery Techniques for Athletes
SSE #119: Effects of Dietary Constituents on Cognitive and Motor Skill Performance in Sports
SSE #118: Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse: Performance Effects and Mechanisms
SSE #117: Protein Ingestion Prior to Sleep: Potential for Optimizing Post-Exercise Recovery
SSE #116: Nutritional Interventions to Enhance Sleep
SSE #115: New Ideas About Nutrition and the Adaptation to Endurance Training
SSE #114: Nutritional Recommendations to Avoid Gastrointestinal Complications During Exercise
SSE #113: Sleep and the Elite Athlete
SSE #111: Assessing Hydration in the Laboratory and Field
SSE #110: Dietary Nitrate: The New Magic Bullet?
SSE #109: Is There a Need for Protein Ingestion During Exercise?
SSE #108: Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates and Their Benefits
SSE #107: Protein Consumption and Resistance Exercise: Maximizing Anabolic Potential
SSE #96: Herbs and Athletes
SSE #95: Collapse in the Endurance Athlete
SSE #94: Creatine, Carbs, and Fluids: How Important in Soccer Nutrition?
SSE #91: Scientifically Debatable: Is Creatine Worth Its Weight?
SSE #90: Diabetes, Exercise and Competitive Sports


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Sleep in Elite Athletes and Rest in the NBA

Cheri Mah, a sleep research scientist, discusses current research related to sleep and performance in elite athletes. The webinar includes sleep challenges athletes face, the impact sleep can have on performance as well as practical strategies to improve sleep. A particular focus is given to the NBA and the role that sleep and game schedules can play on performance. 


Nutrition for Marathon Running

Professor Asker Jeukendrup discusses race-day Nutrition for Marathon Runners. The webinar includes a historical perspective on nutrition practices of marathoners as well as the current research around nutrition and performance. A particular focus is on practical nutrition strategies for before, during and after a marathon.


American Football Taskforce webinar

A recorded version of the nutrition in sport: American Football webinar is now available. Hear from the authors of the American Football series of SSEs as they highlight a variety of topics related to sports science and American Football. Watch the full 2 hour webinar to receive 2 units of continuing education for ACSM, CDR or the BOC.